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Treasure Box Catering

 Treasure box catering, is a catering, event planning, and home delivery company that strives to offer healthy meals at an affordable price. We specialize in serving Southern Style, Traditional American, and Chinese Cuisine that is sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. 

While allowing you to spend less on your food budget.

 We will provide healthy and nutritious meals for you on a daily basis. We also provide meals that are high in protein and low in fat. We know that the value of a well-prepared meal is important to you, that’s why we provide a world-class menu at an affordable price! Out of all our services one of our most convenient is our home delivery service program for seniors delivered Monday thru Friday. Meal options Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

I also Cater Events

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Sample meal options include:

● Bake fish, rice pilaf and mix vegetables.

● Fresh tossed salad.

● Salisbury steak, mash potatoes and vegetables.


We are currently in the Washington metro area and wanted to offer you some of our introductory prices. For a complete quote of our menu options and plans for home deliveries, please call our office at  202-569-1951 and someone will respond to you within three hours of your request.


Treasure box catering  looks forward to working with you on your future events.

Feel free to call for a consultation.


Marthine Mason Co-Owner

Kathy Mason Owner



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